Helloouu! My name is Nikola Tomašić, husband, father of 3 boys, born 1982., collecting links since 1998., web enthusiast, foodie, amateur photographer, web developer, insomniac from Međimurje, Croatia - currently working @ Calzedonia S.p.A. Group.

We heart home (sunsets)

We (heart) home.

Looking through window during Corona virus lockdown in spring 2020, future (not) seems so bright... Despite all the troubles you have to know where your heart is.

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White storks


Ciconia ciconia (white stork) lineup photo was taken commuting from work in 2019 by chance, later became awarded photo in nature photography contest.

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Lavander Flower

Summer vibes

Since I've released this portfolio out in the middle of June / July this image from our family garden seemed appropriate. Enjoy!

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New Life

Don't despair, new things are just around the corner. Be positive and stay tuned for more...

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